Interview (Skip Project)

17/10/13 – Kypros and Sam

Artshell: “Kypros, would you like to ask Sam any questions about his skip project?”

Kypros: “Yes. So the stuff’s in the skip, arranged artfully and are you going to be going ‘want some?’ or what’s the idea?”

Sam: “No not at all, I think people are tempted with skips…”

Kpros “To just rummage through?”

Sam: “Yeah, or walk past they might [whistling noise to indicate something being surreptitiously taken]… I’m not necessarily promoting it.”

Kypros: “So you’re not actually going to be proactive, but people move it around. So are you going to document that, the kind of different shapes that it makes?”

Sam: “Hopefully yeah, although I’m not too bothered if people don’t take anything at all and there’s still loads of rubbish in the skip.”

Artshell: “Thanks Sam. Kypros, could you tell us a little about the thinking behind your skip project ‘Canary’”

Kypros: “When I came up with this idea it was because I was watching what I thought at the time was going to be another pointless intervention in a foreign war to be seen to be doing some things, which was Syria. Which hasn’t happened to be the case, but well not directly, although indirectly of course it is happening.”

Kypros: “Jo [Artshell], can I ask you why skips?”

Artshell: “Well practically speaking they can be moved to different locations and aesthetically they’re just really interesting, an empty shell, a vessel. I really like how you two [Kyp and Sam] responded to the shape of the skip.  

I might have to get a picture of you standing on top of your skip tank at some point Kyp…”

[conversation drifts off onto which are Roath’s best greasy spoons and kebab shops where flatbreads are slapped onto the side of stone ovens]

More about Kypros and Sam’s projects here


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