OoTB2: Archives Residency


Fern Thomas was the 2018-2019 OoTB2 ‘Out of the Box 2’ artist in residency at the Glamorgan Archives. The six month residency offered training on and use of the Archives’ conservation machinery and access to the collections.

“Central to my practice are explorations into place, object and story. Increasingly my work draws on historical items, collections or physical sites that enliven the imagination, offer insights into the past but also invite wonder into what might have been.  I am interested in thresholds, boundaries, liminal spaces, and the transformation of states (sometimes explored through ritual and dream work for example). With this as a starting point/framework I would like to explore ideas around in between places and the various ways they are present in the archives. This could include toll houses, bridges, boundary maps, caves, underground water maps, letters from the trenches and of course much more. ”

Please contact artshellcontact@gmail.com for more information

map 2 map

box making machine

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