Skip Project

Kypros Kyprianou

Kypros Kyprianou is a visual artist and film maker who often makes collaborative work via a  partnership with Simon Hollington.

His sculpture ‘Canary’ or ‘Levant’ topped out the ubiquitous shape of the builders skip with wooden panelling, a box turret and a drainpipe to resemble a tank.  Its ‘turret’ points eastwards towards what is known as the ‘levant’ from the French for rising (sun).

Kypros showed ‘Levant’ in the Macintosh Centre carpark for the duration of the Made in Roath festival 17th-24th October 2013


Sam Aldridge

Sam Aldridge is a visual artist and curator.  He predominantly produces sculptural imitations of everyday objects, using readily available materials.   His work explores our relationship with the objects that surround us, investigating their function, and aesthetic. His sculptures are both accessible and interactive, allowing for imaginative play.

For ‘Skip Project’ Sam produced a number of colourful modernist abstract sculpture inspired objects (in a way similar to multi-coloured wooden building blocks).  These were piled randomly in the skip creating a colourful abstract image as the objects interact with the space of the Skip. Passing members of the public were invited to take one or many objects from the Skip and take them home or leave them strewn on the street.

Sam showed his work on a street in Roath for the duration of the Made in Roath festival 17th-24th October 2013

—> Interview with the artists and photographs

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